Signature Angle-Sash Brush - 2"

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Not all brushes are created equal. This 1-1/2 inch brush is designed with both the homeowner and professional in mind, providing a smooth and clean finish with less brush strokes. Inexpensive brushes can lose bristles and provide a bumpy application, resulting in a frustrating experience that you can avoid. Get the right tools for your job with this professional 100% polyester brush, an excellent choice for all of our interior paints.

Small sized 1-1/2 inch brush head a great choice for narrow areas and detail work.


  • 1-1/2" 100% Polyester Angle-Sash Brush
  • Recommended for all Benjamin Moore® interior coatings
  • Ideal for enamels, varnishes, and lighter or thinner water-based coatings
  • Wooden handle provides a special balance to the brush
  • Chemically tipped filaments virtually eliminate brush marks
  • Excellent leveling and smoothing properties
  • Clean with soap and water and reuse